SUST Introduction




Sivas University of Science and Technology was established in the Official Gazette dated 18.05.2018 and numbered 30425. The rector was appointed on 27 December 2018, and the establishment works started in January 2019. With the relevant law, 3 Faculties, 1 School of Foreign Languages, 1 Vocational School, and 1 Institute were established in our University; 300 academic and 351 administrative staff were created.


While the power of knowledge is increasing day by day in the globalizing world, it is a fact that scientific knowledge has an aspect that transcends borders. In this context, universities' roles, responsibilities, and structuring models have changed in parallel with these developments.


The field of Turkish Higher Education has also witnessed several new developments in recent years, in the context of the studies carried out at the national level to put an end to foreign dependency in the fields of national development and especially national security and to take the place it deserves in international competition. Finally, in 2016 by the Council of Higher Education, considering that universities should be structured with different thematic areas and missions, 15 universities were determined as research universities for mission-oriented studies in regional development.


It is not a coincidence that the fields of Agriculture and Defense Industry, two of the three priority development areas determined in the 11th Development Plan, are matched with the faculties included in our Establishment Law.


ASELSAN, ROKETSAN, TÜBİTAK SAGE, TÜBİTAK UZAY, TÜBİTAK BİLGEM, TÜBİTAK MAM, HAVELSAN, and TUSAŞ in a way to provide R&D services to the defense industry sector and to train qualified personnel and researchers. The curriculum contents and program design process continues.


The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, in consultation and cooperation with public and private institutions and organizations operating in the field of food and agriculture, especially the relevant units of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, in Sivas, an agricultural city, in terms of food and agricultural products of the region and the country. It continues to undertake essential works towards becoming an Agricultural R&D Center that will produce solutions in order to be self-sufficient and able to compete in the foreign market.


In the spring semester of 2020, our University's education started at the graduate level. In the spring semester of the 2021-2022 academic year, graduate education continues at the graduate level in the Defense Technologies Department thesis master's and doctoral programs (interdisciplinary) and the Agricultural Sciences Department thesis master's (interdisciplinary) and Plant Protection doctoral program within the Graduate School. Our University, which stands out with its industrial consultancy practice and academic thesis consultancy in graduate theses, ensures that graduate theses are written with the guidance and contributions of experts from the sector in the fields needed by the industry. In this way, while the graduate thesis focuses on solving a problem in the industry, both the student and the academics of our University establish contact with the sector and transfer the experience in the field to academia. Most graduate theses turn into an application project in the industrial organization where the industrial thesis advisor is located and then into a final product.


Preparations continue for the admission of students to undergraduate and associate degree programs in our faculties and Vocational Schools in the Fall Semester of 2022. Students coming to our University, where education is expected to be 100% in English, will spend their first year studying English at the School of Foreign Languages.


With the completion of the first stage of construction of the Classrooms and Central Units Building project, which is in the final stage, our associate and undergraduate students will be able to start their education at our University's campus, which has an indoor area of 16,500 square meters. The construction of the investment project required to complete the remaining part of the building started as the Sivas Education, Fair, and Congress Center was included in the 2022 budget. The entire construction is planned to be completed in 2023. With the completion of the whole structure, our University will have a beautiful campus with an open area of 56 thousand square meters and an indoor area of approximately 40 thousand square meters at the most lively point of the city.


After the final allocation, it is planned to start the work on the 820-decare Central Campus area in the Kurtderesi District, whose Zoning Plan approval process continues.



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