Staff Mobility

Higher Education Staff Mobility

Erasmus Staff Mobility activity allows the lecturers working in higher education institutions with ECHE to teach at a higher education institution with an ECHE in another European country for a maximum of 6 weeks, provided that they teach at least 8 hours in 1 academic year, or lecturers working in higher education institutions with ECHE, It provides the opportunity for management and administrative personnel and personnel working in enterprises to provide training in higher education institutions or enterprises that have ECHE.

Staff Mobility Activities

Personel Mobility activity can be carried out in 2 ways

  1. Staff Teaching Mobility:
    • - Professor, Associate Professor, Dr. Academic personnel in the positions of Lecturer and Lecturer (Teaching) can apply.
    • - Staff teaching mobility is the field of activity that allows a staff member who is obliged to teach at the University to give lectures to students in a higher education institution that has an ECHE agreement in one of the program countries and to carry out academic/educational activities jointly with the other institution regarding teaching.
  2. Staff Training Mobility:
    • Personnel in the positions of Research Assistant, Lecturer (non-lecturer-expert) and Administrative staff at the University can apply.
    • Staff training mobility is a field of activity that allows any staff employed at the University to receive training in one of the program countries. Within the scope of this activity, it is possible for the person to receive various trainings (such as on-the-job training, observation processes) in order to improve the skills he or she has in matters related to his current job. Conference participation cannot be supported within the scope of the activity.
    • It is also possible to go to a higher education institution or a business that has an ECHE to study. The business to go to for education can be an education center, research center, higher education institution or any other institution that fits the definition of business.

Who Can Apply for Personnel Mobility Activities