Staff Training Mobility

Staff Training Mobility

Staff training mobility is a field of activity that allows any staff employed in an ECHE-holding higher education institution in Turkey to receive training in one of the program countries. Within the scope of this activity, it is possible for the person to receive various trainings (such as on-the-job training, observation processes) in order to improve the skills he or she has in matters related to his current job. Conference participation cannot be supported within the scope of the activity. Within the scope of personnel training mobility, it is also possible for personnel employed in a higher education institution with an ECHE to go to an ECHE holding higher education institution or a business to receive training. The business to go to for education can be an education center, research center, higher education institution or any other institution that fits the definition of business. In this context, what is meant by an eligible enterprise is any private or public institution/organization and any enterprise engaged in any economic activity, including social economy, regardless of their size, legal status and the economic sector in which they operate. Staff training is a full-time activity and grants are paid for full-time training. For this reason, the training program must be specified on a daily basis in the Staff Mobility for Training - Mobility Agreement.

Conditions for Participating in Training Mobility

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to be entitled to receive a grant after the Education Mobility, it is necessary to receive at least 2 days of training at the institution where the guest is visiting. The number of days to be granted a grant is limited to a maximum of 5 mobility days.

In the mobility of the Administrative Staff, the personnel who speak a foreign language are primarily evaluated.

Within the scope of mobility, those who have participated in the program before (except in the case of not enough applications) will not be evaluated again for a period of 2 years.

Minimum and Maximum Periods for Staff Training Mobility

The activity period for personnel training mobility is at least 2 consecutive working days, excluding travel, but payment can be made for a maximum of 4 days. Staff training is a full-time activity and grants are paid for full-time training.