General Application Details


Application Process, Terms, and Conditions

The minimum requirements that students who will apply for the Erasmus+ program must meet for application are as follows:


1. Being a full-time student enrolled in a higher education program at one of the formal education levels [first (associate and bachelor's), second (master's), or third level (doctorate)] within our university;


a.       To have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.20/4.00 (58/100) for first-level students,


b. Second and third level students' cumulative grade point averages must be at least 2.50/4.00 (65/100).


3. Double major students can apply for mobility from only one field in the same application period.


4. Students who have frozen their enrollment can apply but can only perform voluntary internship mobility during the frozen period.


5. If the student has already benefited from Erasmus activities within the current education level, the total duration of the new mobility should not exceed 12 months. The right to mobility with or without a grant is 12 months at each study level.


6. In open calls for internship applications, final-year students can apply to qualify for an internship activity. They can benefit from the internship activity if they do not enroll in another higher education institution within 12 months of graduation.


7. Reasons such as disciplinary penalties or having lower courses do not prevent the student from benefiting from the Erasmus program.


8. Student selection is made based on departments, starting with the student with the highest score, taking into account the announced evaluation criteria and weighted scores. It is carried out by determining the noble and substitute students. The students with the highest score are selected as noble within the budget quota.